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Council Highlights for November 2022

HR/job description task force – a temporary task force has been created by the Executive Committee of Council to review all current job descriptions.  The task force will start with the job description for the Financial Administrator and new Children, Youth, Family position.  Both positions are vacant. Hall Rentals – Hank Dermer gave a summary of the items that have… Read more »

From Pastor Heidi: Update on Transition Team

Dear Church- I am pleased to report that the Transition Team has had its first meeting. The team is made up of six people plus myself: Hank Dermer, Darlene Hoskins, Bob Kuch, Ginny Lozinski, Muriel Rose and Steve Wendland. They bring a tremendous variety of skills and experiences, and I am confident that they will do an exceptional job with… Read more »

New Second Location for Blessings Box at the Coatesville Library

Good Shepherd has now provided a Blessings Box Give and/or Take bin at the Coatesville Library. Overflow donations to this bin will be brought to the main Blessings Box at Good Shepherd, but community members in need are always welcome to take food from this new bin. Please continue to support our Food Ministries as we branch out in new… Read more »

Gifts for Veterans 2022 Holiday Collection

Good Shepherd is again partnering with our Scout Troop 117 for a holiday collection of items for veterans at the Coatesville VA Hospital Medical Unit. Items donated should be placed in the blue/gray bin – Deadline December 7. Items needed for women & men include white socks, T-shirts, underwear, wire-free bras, slipper socks, liquid body wash, denture cream/paste, combs &… Read more »

From Pastor Heidi: Living in Liminal Times

Dear Friends in Christ- An expression being used more often of late is liminal space or liminality. By definition, a liminal space is a location that is between two other places. It comes from the Greek word for threshold. Properly speaking a liminal space is not a destination but a transitional place. Examples include airports, elevators, and waiting rooms. Liminality… Read more »

Bridge of Hope Seeking Grant Writer & Communications Specialist

Bridge of Hope is seeking a Grant Writer and Communications Specialist. We are open to this position being full-time or part-time depending on the skill-set of the individual. Remote office or hybrid, depending on proximity to the national office. We will give consideration to learners or seasoned professionals. Who do you know that might share a passion for our mission of… Read more »

Blessing of the Backpacks + September 11th

We hope you will join us on Sunday, September 11th at 9:30 am for worship and a special Blessing of the Backpacks! We will be praying for all of our students and teachers and blessing backpacks and book bags. As a reminder that God is with us wherever we go, everyone will receive a special God’s Got Your Back! backpack tag.… Read more »