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Each month a different bible story is explored.  This year we will explore our relationship with Jesus and all the things he is to us. He is our provider, our friend, our king, our savior and the list goes on.  The kids are encouraged to participate in whatever capacity they are comfortable. 

We participate in community service projects that don’t require us to venture out of the Church.  We adopt a family at Thanksgiving, make cards for our shut-ins, help out around the Church and complete other projects that interest the group.   

We mix things up and throw in some fun games and crafty projects.  Occasionally we have special guests from our congregation that share their IMG_2039 Novtalents/interests with us. This is always exciting for the kids and gives them exposure to some pretty cool subjects. 

Throw in some tasty snacks and the kids couldn’t be happier.  Well, unless we throw in the occasional scavenger hunt or blindfolded taste test! 

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