This two year program for 7th and 8th grade youth is designed to give young people the chance to dig deeper into the Bible, Lutheran theology, and their faith through learning, worship, and service.   Adult mentors from the congregation and the Pastor guide participants through this process.

Students who complete the program are given to opportunity to be confirmed – that is, to stand before the congregation and affirm their Baptism.  Because many of our youth were baptized as infants or small children, we believe confirmation is an important part of a young person’s faith development.

The Rite of Affirmation of Baptism (also known as Confirmation) is a time in which our young people publically proclaim their faith in God by saying “I believe!”  They also make their own vows or promises to God to actively live as people of faith, taking personal responsibility for the promises their parents made on their behalf at the time of their Baptism.

If you would like more information about the Confirmation ministry,  please contact the church office by calling 610-384-2035.