February 2nd will be Consecration Sunday!  On this day, members will be asked to present to God a    commitment, a pledge, of our time, talents and skills, and finances which we will give to God for ministry in the 2020 year.  This is our promise to God that we will not hoard all that God has given us to          ourselves, but that we will return a portion to God for God’s purposes.

What does it mean to “Consecrate” these future offerings?  When something is consecrated, it means that it is set apart for a holy purpose.  Something that is consecrated is no longer for ordinary use.

What does God ask you to pledge to God in 2020?  What does God ask you to bring to the altar to be consecrated?

  • A Portion of Your TIME: God asks that a portion of your time be set aside for God’s holy purposes – for worship and to grow your faith through study and prayer; for service to God in ministry; for the purpose of being present in this community of faith and being in relationship to others in this community of faith.


  • A Portion of Your Spiritual Gifts and Skills: God asks that a portion of your God given abilities be dedicated and used in ministry to help others experience and know the love of Christ.


  • A Portion of Your Finances: God asks that a portion of your money be set aside and returned to God to support the ministries of the church.


Why consecrate our gifts in advance?  Why not just do this from week to week when we come to       worship?  Because people who make a formal commitment to God in advance are significantly more likely to honor that commitment than those who do not.  There is something about making that formal written vow to God, bringing it to the altar, and actually making a promise to God that “I will do this” that helps us to keep that promise.

What if you are not able to be present  for worship on February 2nd?  Please use the commitment form enclosed in this newsletter.  Fill it out, and either bring it to church or mail it.  As you fill out this form and place it in an envelope, lift up a prayer to God, promising that you will consecrate these things to God’s holy purpose and give them to God throughout 2020.

All of our gifts come together to honor God and to make the ministries of Good Shepherd happen. God has brought us together for a purpose, and the gifts of each an everyone of us are needed and necessary for our ministries to be effective.  We have been blessed to be a blessing to others.

Thank you for your commitment to Christ’s work through our congregation!

In Christ,

Pastor Lynch