To Know, To Live, and to Share God’s Word     

To Know: We recognize that growing in faith is a life-long journey. Whether you are just one year old or one hundred and one years old, there is always more to discover about Christ and the gift of the love he brings to us and the world. We believe that we are called to explore our faith through Bible Study, prayer, and faith-based conversations with one another. We believe that we are called to gather together in worship to encounter and deepen our relationship with the living God through scripture, preaching, singing hymns, and interpersonal witness.

To Live: We believe that following Christ impacts and shapes every aspect of our lives – from how we care for our families to how we care for the environment; from our time at work to our time at home. Whether we are working together in ministry, or simply hanging out with friends, we want our relationship with Christ to guide us.

None of us are perfect in living out our faith, but we strive to live in a way that is pleasing to God. When we mess up (and we DO), we turn to God for guidance, forgiveness, and a new start. Mostly, we live in the blessing that God DOES give us a new start each and every day. We live in God’s grace, and try to extend that grace to each person we meet.

To Share: We believe that Jesus calls each one of us to use our gifts and skills to share the good news of Christ’s love with the world. A healthy life of faith includes serving God and reaching out to others. We do this by talking to others about Jesus, and by inviting our neighbors and friends to join us in worship and spiritual growth. We do this by collecting food for our local food banks and by serving on mission teams that help repair homes for people in need. We do this by teaching Sunday School to help children learn about God, by mentoring the youth of our community, and in countless other ways.


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